With winter road conditions and weather the chances of breakdowns increase. We want to give this Progressive road side kit away! Follow us on Facebook to figure out how to win this!

Wind Chill Warning

We are expecting heavy volume for towing services due to the expected temperatures over the next few days. With this expected spike in volume, there will be delays in towing. Agero, our towing service provider, will prioritize customers that are in unsafe conditions. The number for Agero is 1-800-367-3473 for new claims. Read more on Read more about Wind Chill Warning[…]

Sledding Safety

Did you know that more than twenty thousand children are injured every year from sledding? Make sure your kids are safe while having fun! READ MORE HERE

What to Do: Car Stuck in Snow

Getting your vehicle stuck in the snow is no fun, and if you’re on a busy road – it can also be very dangerous. To help yourself get unstuck, use items like sand or kitty litter to give your tires traction. READ MORE HERE

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s hard to believe 2019 is just three days away! Have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions? Check out these smartphone apps that will help you achieve your goals for next year! READ MORE HERE

Holiday Safety for Your Pets

The holidays are an exciting time for all members of the household, including your pets! Remember to pet-proof your home this month to prevent any accidents. READ MORE HERE

Winter Driving Safety

Driving in the winter can be stressful if you don’t have a safety plan in place. Learn how to drive on snow-covered roads and what to do if you find yourself in an accident. READ MORE HERE

Winterizing Your Car

This winter, icy roads could take a toll on your car and make driving even more dangerous. Check out these tips to help keep your car in the best shape possible this winter! READ MORE HERE